LTA Programme

Our LTA Programme which stands for Learning Through Adventure is based on the 3 A's – Affordability, Age and Abilities. This programme is run for schools, youth groups and Holiday Camps an adapted to suit the specific needs of each one.

What we offer for Schools:

  • We cater from pre-primary to tertiary level.
  • With over 100 activities to offer and a variety of different themed programs we can guarantee that every grade will do something different each year.
  • Offering 1 day visits to 7 day camps
  • Each program is Custom made depending on the needs and outcome requirements of the specific group.
  • Every programme has a topic involved in it from Leadership to dealing with peer pressure; this all depends on the ages of the group.
  • At least one rotation in the programme will involve and educational and learning element.
  • Speakers are brought in to discuss their expertise on various topics that could help learners decide on a future field they would like to be in.
  • Optional educational tours are also available to the local cultural village and snake park

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